Foundation for Female Photojournalists(FFP)

Saturday, January 07, 2006


FFP works to ensure a world in which the most vulnerable are empowered with information for holistic development.

Our Strategy

Work with media owners, managers, editors and journalists on women’s rights issues in the media.
Disseminate development information to women and policy makers through ICT.
Provide information for women to make informed decisions on their development.
Give visibility to women and their achievements through photo and video documentation.
Work with communities on social development issues within the concept of good governance
Work with communities to produce experimental development cinema.

Capacity Building
Periodic workshops and training for media persons.

Produce and research videos on social issues by portraying women’s perspectives. Conduct research in rural communities on the use of media and arts as means of human resource development.

Economic Development/ Poverty Alleviation
This is pursued through the foundation’s Infonin Gallery and the Association of Visual Communicators projects (CAV).

Contact Address

Africa Office
P.O.Box OS 1826
Osu Accra
Tel: + 233-244-658900 + 233-21-253845
Fax: +233-21-258811

FFP Governance

The FFP is managed by an Executive Council (EC) and a Management Team (MT) with external consultants. The Council and management meetings are held at least three times a year.


People Centered
Participatory and Inclusion
Visibility by contributions
Fair Share of Resources
Rights and responsibilities
Self Reliance and Self Development


The FFP has in place measures to ensure that its financial activities are well documented in accordance with the laws of the host country. We have an external auditor and financial manager who audit our accounts to ensure transparency and accountability. We believe that this will help us to gradually sustain our activities to achieve our vision and working relationship with our funding partners and better support beneficiaries.

Working Objectives

Ø Contribute to Social Development through Advocacy, Research and Networking using ICT

Ø Promote self -reliance and economic independence of women visual communicators

Ø Documenting and increasing society’s awareness on the achievements and challenges of minority groups, especially women and children.

Ø Build the capacity of visual communicators and the media to respond to women and children’s rights issues in a developmental manner.

Ø Create and provide useable and accessible information for the development women and children.


Develop and communicate information that empowers women, seek the welfare of children and build the capacity of women audiovisual communicators.

Our Drive

FFP’s projects are fundamental recipes for people centered development. Our strategy is to provide continuous accessible information to women and children. Access to information is increasingly becoming the key to development in this century. Our passion to produce audiovisual and artistic IEC materials enables us to take ninety percent (90%) of attention and overcome language barriers and illiteracy in our advocacy and research initiatives. We also work with the media to pursue development oriented initiatives that supports the development of women and girls.

About Us

The Foundation for Female Photojournalists (FFP) started working in November 1998 as an initiative to create opportunities in the various forms of media for women and pursue women’s development issues through the media. The quest was motivated by the Beijing platform for action adopted in 1995.

We are a non profit, progressive, multifaceted media and art advocacy and research organization using Information Communication Technology (ICT). We are a source of training, information and support for women’s rights. We are also discovering new forms of art as a way of promoting self-reliance and economic independence among women.